Court InterpreterS

Sierra Superior Court has expanded access to interpreter services. Interpreter Services are available for all of the following mandatory types of cases:

Criminal, juvenile delinquency/dependency, mental competency hearings with appointed counsel, traffic, and all civil case types (except for small claims)

To request a court interpreter:

Return the form to the court in person at:
Superior Court, County of Sierra
100 Courthouse Square
Downieville, CA 95936
Or mail to:
Superior Court, County of Sierra
P.O. Box 476
Downieville, CA 95936

E-mail superiorcourt@sierracourt.org.

Please provide notice to the Court on a timely basis in order to assure that these services may be arranged.   

Small claims hearings

You may ask a friend or relative to interpret for you when you go to court.  Please do not ask a child (minor, under the age of 18) to interpret for you.  A Court interpreter needs to be familiar with legal terms and concepts in both English and your first language. 

If you decide to use a friend or relative, have the person read the instructions and duties for interpreting: Instructions and Duties

You can also find an interpreter that speaks your language by visiting the California Courts Search for an Interpreter page.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

If you require services of a sign language interpreter, you may request one for any court hearing you may have. This includes small claims hearings and jury duty. For more information on this and other Access and Accommodation needs please visit the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) page on this site.

Limited English Proficiency Plan

To get more information on efficiencies that Sierra Superior Court has implemented to enhance language access for all LEP court users you may read our Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan.


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